Message of Honorable Governor of Sikkim Shri Ganga Prasad on the occasion of Ramnavami.


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Raj Bhavan

Gangtok, Sikkim


       On the propitious occasion of  Ramnavami,  Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Shri Ganga Prasad has extended warm greetings and best wishes to the people of Sikkim.

            Hon’ble Governor has said: “Ramnavami, the auspicious ninth day of ‘Chaitra Navaratri’   is regarded as the day of incarnation of Lord Vishnu in human form Rama. Also called ‘Maryada Purosottam Rama’ the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the word ‘Rama itself means divinely blissful and the one who gives joy to others.

The day holds immense significance to Hindus across the world since ancient times and reminds us of Sri Rama’s life and deeds which epitomise the ideals of selflessness and duty over self. Rama’s life as Ramayana beholds, is considered as an eternal source of wisdom and light for the people committed for the common good of society.

On this auspicious day,   let us pledge to dedicate ourselves to our duties, the wider cause of society and the country. Let us enrich ourselves with the core values and ideals that our glorious culture represents.”

Deputy Secretary(PR) to Governor                                                                                                                 


 12th    April, 2019