Press release on the visit of Honorable Governor to Nathula, Baba Mandir and Tsomgo Lake.





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प्रेस विज्ञप्ति


DATE -05.06.2023


The Honorable Governor of Sikkim Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya Presents Bold Initiatives for World Environment Day.

Commencing a series of engagements commemorating World Environment Day the Honorable Governor of Sikkim marked a momentous occasion as he undertook a significant plantation drive by planting Rhododendrons and Silver Fir at Kupup (around 13000 ft) approx. which is one of the highest in the Himalayas to restore and expand forest cover, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.


Earlier he inaugurated a water harvesting pond at Tsopshu marking a crucial step towards promoting sustainable water management and ensuring the availability of water resources for future generations.


Coinciding with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, The Honorable Governor ranched the high-altitude Kupup Lake with brown trout to preserve biodiversity. About 75 years ago the 12th Miwang Denjong Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal introduced brown trout at Memenchu Lake from Jammu and Kashmir. Governor ranching on world environment day fosters sustainable aquaculture practices, conserve natural resources, and bolsters the local economy.


Subsequently, the Honorable Governor upon his arrival at Nathula interacted with the rank and files of the Indian Army stationed there and commended the dedication, valor, and professionalism displayed by them. He expressed deep appreciation for the tremendous commitment of these soldiers who willingly sacrifice their sleep and comfort to protect the nation and its citizens. He also said that our armies exemplify the true essence of selflessness and dedication, putting the Nation First and making immense sacrifices, ensuring the nations security.


The Honorable Governor applauded the Indian Armys commitment to fostering positive relationships with the local villagers. He recognized the armys efforts in understanding the needs and aspirations of the people, as well as their active participation in addressing community concerns, and highlighted several instances where the Indian Army has provided essential aid during various emergencies, including natural disasters, accidents, and other critical situations such as the recent snow slide in JN Road, Sikkim and the tragic Orissa train accident and mentioned about their expertise which has proven invaluable in mitigating the impact of disasters.


Keeping pace with his tour on the occasion of World Environment Day the Honorable Governor spotlighted the significance of the environment as the source and foundation of life, providing us with our daily needs and a diverse ecosystem that sustains all living beings and urged individuals to live life in harmony with nature.

Acknowledging the significant role that industrialization has played in economic development he stressed the importance of finding a balance that safeguards our environment for the well-being of present and future generations.


The Honorable Governor called for a collective commitment towards self-reliance and emphasized the importance of contributing to the vision of an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and underlined the need for individuals, communities, to embrace self-reliance as a pathway to overall development.


 He advised all the people along the remote border areas to avail the scope and opportunities of the centre and state schemes as unveiled through the Vibrant Village project.


Further, He extolled Sikkim as a cherished bedrock of tradition and culture and admired the local public at Gnathang GPU for their remarkable contentment and happiness. He appreciated the villagers for their resilience, positive outlook, and ability to find joy amidst the challenges of life, personifying the Vibrant village through their vibrant perspective and truly exemplifying "Strength is life and Weakness is death".


He concluded the day with meaningful interaction with the panchayats and the local public at Gnathang GPU and allowed them to express their concerns directly where the people of Gnathang highlighted the pressing need for improved network connectivity to bridge the digital divide and facilitate communication and access to online services.


Another crucial concern raised by the residents was the need for a Primary Health Centre in Gnathang for the well-being of the community. The community members also highlighted the potential for homestays, recognizing the tourism opportunities that could bring economic growth to the area.


Throughout his tour, the Honorable Governor was accompanied by DC Gangtok Shri Tushar Nikhare, ADC (DEV) Smt. Radha Pradhan, The Panchayat President and other Panchayat,  Officers from the Forest Environment & Wildlife Management Department, Officers from the Department of Fisheries and all line officers.