Mega Health Camp

    In a resolute stride towards fostering a healthier community for a developed India, the Hon’ble Governor inaugurated a Mega Health Camp, showcasing a spectrum of medical specialties including AYUSH, Cardio, Skin, Eye, Psychology, Sowa Rigpa, and Pediatrics. This initiative, aimed at providing comprehensive medical assistance to the community, aligns seamlessly with the vision of a healthier society and contributes significantly to the national goal of a developed India by 2047.

    Inspired with the Hon’ble Governor’s vision, Raj Bhavan hosted a two-day mega health camp, setting the stage for a transformative healthcare endeavor. The inaugural day witnessed the Hon’ble Governor personally inaugurating the event, emphasizing the importance of accessible healthcare for all. Specialized doctors engaged in check-ups, while the Hon’ble Governor himself connected with patients, demonstrating a sincere commitment to understanding their well-being.

    As the health camp progressed into its second day, the local community actively participated, reaping the benefits of thorough check-ups by specialized medical professionals. Attendees expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Hon’ble Governor for orchestrating the camp, acknowledging the provision of complementary medicines and lauding its positive impact on community health and well-being.

    During meaningful interactions, the Hon’ble Governor articulated his aspirations for the state’s health sector, stressing the importance of self-reliance and collaboration. He emphasized the need for Sikkim to excel in various domains, including healthcare, to achieve self-sufficiency and bolster progress alongside thriving tourism. The presence of doctors at the camp, he remarked, stands as a testament to the democratic ethos in action.

    The attending doctors echoed appreciation for the health camp organized by Raj Bhavan, emphasizing its substantial benefits for the public. They commended the convenience of having all specialties and medicines readily available, making comprehensive check-ups easily accessible to patients, thereby fostering a healthier community in pursuit of a developed India.