Message of Honorable Governor of Sikkim Shri Ganga Prasad on the occasion of Durga Puja (Dussera).

Message of Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim Shri Ganga Prasad on the occasion of Durga Puja (Dussera).


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Raj Bhavan

Gangtok, Sikkim



        On the auspicious  occasion of Durga Puja (Dussera), Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Shri Ganga Prasad has extended  warm greetings to the people of Sikkim.

        Hon’ble Governor said, “ popularly celebrated by the common folks in Sikkim as Dasain, Durga Puja has evolved as a cultural festival and an annual occasion for the family members and relatives to meet and exchange goodwill. Its social significance is also paramount since ancient times where we collectively seek to  strengthen family and brotherhood bond with the blessings of Divine Mother.

The underlying belief that the good always prevails over evil has been the guiding principle for all our collective endeavours since ages and the festival of Durga Puja re-strengthen this belief every year. The Navaratrasymbolises the veneration and worship of Goddess Durga, reflects the philosophy that our great country is rooted to where ‘Matrishakti’  occupies its rightful place and where mothers and sisters are given the highest regard in the social hierarchy.

While worshipping Goddess Durga this festive season, let us all pray for fostering love, harmony and peace among all sentient beings. May Goddess Durga bestow health, happiness and prosperity to all.”

Deputy Secretary (PR) to Governor                                                                                                                 


14th   October, 2018